Best Accessories for Oculus Rift VR

So, now one of the best VR headsets is in your hand and you want to maximize your Virtual Reality experience with it. There are lots of accessories from basic range to advance you can use with your Oculus Rift V R headset. This post will help you to choose the coolest and absolute accessories to maximize your VR experiences.

Oculus Rift Earphones:

For a better and impressive audio quality you can use specially designed Oculus Rift Earphones with their headsets. The earphone uses the technology that reduces sound destruction which is very easy to install and use. It takes two to three minutes to setup, just unscrew the headphones and screw the earphones into their place in the device. The ear-buds stay in your ear even when you’re in the middle of an adventure game. There is no discomfited wire system in the earphone; it has been designed to fit into your ear perfectly.



Oculus Sensor:

To translate your body movement the sensor of Oculus tracks constellation of IR LEDs with a clear line of sight. It is suitable for most setups and it is a standard 1/4-20 mount works with most tripods. Since the Oculus Rift originally came with one sensor but the final touch came with a second sensor. That means for a perfectly tracked room-scaling you need at least another one sensor. It requires an extra USB 2.0 or higher port if you want to use it as a third sensor. Note from Oculus: Two-sensor 360° tracking is an experimental feature, not all experiences may work as expected. Three-sensor 360° is fully supported.



Leap Motion controller:

Leap Motion is a breathtaking product that lets you see your hands in VR world. It’s like holding up your finger in the virtual reality world as you feel it in your real life. It’s not a virtual hand that is tracked by motion controller; don’t give individual finger control but actual precise movement tracking. When you set a receiver in front of your Oculus Rift it will pick up your hand’s movement in front of you. It’s hard to get it out of your head once you’ve seen the Leap Motion in action; you want to be able to use your hands just like that.



Gloveone Hand Glove:

For accurate hand tracking in the virtual world it’s better to wear a smart hand glove. The smart controller, haptic feedback and finger tracking system of the Gloveone will help you to give a specific command using a gesture. It will help you the feel the elements in VR world like a touch button, it allows you to feel the sensation of weight, you can feel the different kind of textures and sound waves, and even it will vibrate when give you some kind of warning. You will feel the vibration of bullet leaving your weapon and you can defend yourself against your enemies in the V R world.



Feedback Vest:

If you want to feels the full body experience with your Oculus Rift VR devices you can use specially designed Feedback Vest. The Subpac M2 vest will give that kind of experience when you play an action game or listen to music or even watch some amazing 360-degree videos. You will feel the sensation of strapping a subwoofer to your back. Another feedback vest KOR-FX let you feel the shooting games more impressively, you will feel the thud in your chest as a grenade explodes nearby and the real impact of every bullet.



Roto VR:

If you want to sit back and relax without losing any VR impressions then you can choose the Roto VR chair. Almost every VR like PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and OSVR is very much compatible with Roto VR chair. It has foot pedals and base with internal motors and orientation tracking system. The foot pedal let you run and walk in the V R environment, and the head tracking system will rotate the chair around 360 degrees where you look. It’s a great accessory for VR and it will solve the issue of traversing in the environment.



Virtuix VR boom:

For a room-scale Rift setup this device will free you from cable-entanglement. To connect your head-mounted display it has necessary cables, a retractable technology that keeps the cables at just the right length. Everything is folds down into a small footprint and even has a hook on it using which you can hang your Oculus Rift.



Smart Watch:

To balance your impressive VR experience with your real-world responsibilities you can use a good vibrating notification Smart Watch. Using a smartwatch with your Rift will give you a something very special VR experience. It doesn’t matter which model of smartwatch you prefer. Just keep in mind that it must notify you of incoming calls, text messages and emails. Apple Watch, Android Wear, Samsung Gear or even a Fitbit Blaze whatever it is, you will dive into your VR world without missing out on anything important going on it if you use a SmartWatch.



VR Cover for Oculus Rift:

Oculus Rif cover has the foam padding around the Rift’s display which gives an extra shield to the device. The company VR Cover likens their product to a pillow case. A cover keeps your device free from oils and dusts from seeping into the foam. You can remove the cover, wash it, and replace it, all very easily.



Microfiber Cloths:

Your Rifts lenses become dirty or foggy which can obstruct your ability to properly focus on the VR action. The Oculus Rift delivers with a cleaning cloth but you can buy more quality cloths as backups for safety and proper cleaning. To prevent scratches while cleaning, use high-quality micro-fiber cloths that are specifically designed to clean sensitive glass surfaces. You must clean your Rifts lenses by softly wiping in a circular motion starting in the center and working outwards using the microfiber cloth.



Oculus Rift carrying case:

You VR device is something very expensive and special to you, so protect it with a nice and soft case. Lanshowed Rift carrying case is lined with velveteen inside to keep device from getting scratched or scuffed. The outside of the case is made of hard EVA that protects against shocks if you drop you case while on the go. The Lanshowed Rift carrying case can be easily cleaned and the outside surface is made of PU leather which is waterproof.


Good Luck! Make your own VR theatre in your home.


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