HTC Vive Accessories from Third Party

Buying a HTC Vive VR headset is just only a single part of the deal. You must buy some extra accessories to get a real immersive experience. Lots of third-party compatible accessories for HCT Vive is available in the market. Previous post was about some common accessories from the manufacturer itself. Let’s find out some third-party’s accessory.


Leap Motion:

Leap Motion is a special accessory to enhance your virtual reality experience. By adding a new level of immersion this device can precisely track your hands using an infrared light. The leap motion mounts to the front of HTC Vive headset by presenting in the form of a single streamlined bar which provide an accurate tracking of hands. Only a few number of games supported by this device.


Prescription HTC Vive lenses:

Lens plays an important role for perfect vision in any VR device. If you want to avoid the hassle of wearing glasses then Prescribed HTC Vive lenses can be a smart way to enjoy VR experience. Custom made lenses can be attached to the headset lenses. The HTC Vive headset is a modular nature. To enjoy VR games, 360 videos the Prescription HTC Vive lenses can be a good accessory.

Popular companies like VR Lens Lab, One Firm manufactures lenses based on requirements or prescriptions. To remove blue lights from the image the lenses has a blue light filter system.


Impact heavy duty light stand:

A tall light stand, high enough off the ground can see the lighthouse and the headset. The Impact heavy duty light stand fulfills this requirement. This light stand has some extra benefits. You can use this light stand together with a tripod ball-head to locate the lighthouses as directed by the HTC Vive.

HTC’s recommended room spare height is 6 feet 5 inches but the Impact heavy duty light stand has a maximum height of 9 feet 6 inches. To move the lighthouse around, you can attach casters to the bottom.


HTC Vive Face Cushion Replacement (6mm):

The soft foam of the Face Cushion helps to feel more comfortable, and it keeps away from dirt and sweating over time. The HTC Vive delivers a box including two cushions of different sizes.

The Face Cushion Replacement is more hygienic and it increases the headset’s potential field of vision. VR Cover offers possibly superior version of face cushions which are padded with thinner foam and lined with PU leather.


TPCast Wireless Upgrade Kit:

HTC Vive itself and other third parties are trying to create new and immersive accessories to give the users some wonderful VR experience. ViveX Accelerator program is creating TPCast wireless upgrade kit, it’s a product that offers tether-less VR experience. You will be free to enjoy VR in a new dimension with a wireless receiver and a battery attached with the headset.

The TPCast is actually a kit to transform the HTC Vive headset into a wireless unit by creating a cable free connection with the VR Ready PC. The hooked up battery will be jog for 2 hours on a full charge.


Hyperkin silicone skins:

Hyperkin silicone skin is an extra layer of protection for your HCT Vive. You don’t need to be worry about bumping your headset against the wall while playing. If you want to protect your headset from such type of incidents, it can be great investment.

The Hyperkin silicone skin will coat the HTC Vive with a personal layer. Any surface level damage including scratches and bumps will be protected by this skin which is made out of thick silicon. This protection is also available for HTC Vive HMD.


Hyperkin Polygon Protector Bag:

Ready to travel together with your HTC Vive? Hyperkin Polygon Protector Bag can be a perfect solution while you are on the go. This bag is specially designed so that you can keep your headset and other accessories including disks in one place.

The bag is also kitted out with modular foam dividers which help you to carry your device and accessories easily. If you want to protect your HTC Vive inside a box, Hyperkin Polygon Protector Bag can be a nice solution.


Abonnyc tripod ballhead mount:

The Abonnyc’s tripod ballhead mount is a smart solution if you don’t want to drill holes in the wall. Use this device with a light stand to mounting the Lighthouse with your HTC Vive room setup. Built with aluminum alloy the Abonnyc’s tripod ballhead mount is enough strong and durable. It also has a quarter inch thread which is standard for most cameras and Vive’s Lighthouses.


Task Tools Quick Support Rod:

If you want to use a vertical tension rod with a clip-on adapter are like the Small-rig Cool Ball-head Arm then the Task Tools Quick Support Rod is a good solution if you don’t want to drill holes in the wall. The rod is expandable to 9 feet. It’s easy to use, just press the button to unlock, slide the pole to your desired height and click to lock.


3M Scotch Mounting Tape:

If you have a limited space in your room and you want to mount your lighthouse without drilling any holes, then permanent mounting tape can be a good solution. You don’t need to trip over extra equipment in your VR room. The 3M Scotch mounting is a strong double-sided foam tape that can hold up to 2 pounds of weight.

But the tape will stick perfectly into a clean, smooth, and dry wall or wood surface. For a strong hold use enough tape so that the Lighthouses mounted securely. It’s better to use an inch of tape for every pound of weight.


Laboratory 424 wall clip organizer:

The Laboratory 424 wall clip organizer will keep your VR room organized and more neat. Their adjustable four points and two positions will help fit the controllers. You can mount them in any surface. The clips have rubber bumpers to prevent scratching up the controllers.


AmazonBasics Microfiber cleaning cloth:

Microfiber cloths are very important to keep your HTC Vive and its accessories neat and clean. AmazonBasics Microfiber cleaning cloths are super soft and absorbent. This cloth will be great for your HTC Vive. And of course you can reuse it again and again, just clean up them with water. These cloths won’t leave nasty streaks behind.

Is there any other accessory you have? Please let us know. Thanks.


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