Create your blog to earn cash


Publishing a blog about favorite and interested topic to earn real cash from online is one of the best recommendations from all online money makers. If you want to make money, start it right now, don’t make any delay. From the starting of my blogging I spent lots of time about thinking and finally I came up with blogging thing, I started my blog! Blogs are very powerful because it brings loyal visitor / traffic which is the main key to success in online money earning.

Own domain or free platform:

To create a brand on the internet blogging with own domain is highly suggested, it’s easy to earn trust of the readers with self hosted domain, though many people publishes their blog in free platforms and earning a lot of money. Popular free blogging platforms like blogger, wordpress etc works fine. Use your blog to promote your own products and services. If you don’t have your own products then don’t need to be worry! Sell products online as an affiliate marketer.

If you want to publish your blog in free platform then you can start with, it’s very easy to start and optimize you blog for search engines. is another popular free blogging platform where you will find some advance designs and features to attract readers. To publish a wonderful stylish blog wordpress can be your best choice. Some other free blogging platform like tumblr, Jekyll, livejournal, medium, blogster, weebly is also popular.

Quality content:

If you can write lots of quality article about your interested topic then platform is not important. Quality content or article helps to bring lots of traffic to your blog. Better design attracts readers but quality content and some on-page and off-page SEO techniques attract search engines.

Before publishing a blog take some time to think about your domain name. Your blog url, name and description must be related to each others. Just think what your favorite and interested topic is. Don’t choose any topic that you don’t know very much about, don’t choose a topic that you can’t write lots of article on it. If it is hard to find any topic, think about your interests, your hobby. Read various articles that are related to your interests and hobbies, it will help you to gather more information and knowledge’s. Internet is a big virtual world where lots of free resources are available.

Write articles with your own words, don’t make any copy paste from others, your site will be banned or penalized. You can research what other says about the topic then write with your own words.

Content is the king! Initially write some quality contents for you blog and then increase the quantity of your content. Try to write one article daily and publish those at the same time, it will help to increase your blogs search engine ranking. After publishing 100 – 200 articles you can slow down your posting. At least create one or two posts in a week. Blogging is really very interesting! Start today and you will find out!

Keyword Research:

Another important and wonderful task is Keyword Research. Do some keyword research about the selected topic and list out some related keywords. Google keyword research tool will help you to generate ideas about your unique blog domain url, blog name and article titles. Some other available free and paid keyword research tools you can also use. Before publishing every article do some keyword research and include your selected keywords inside your article.


These are some basics you need to know before starting a blog. In my upcoming post I will write some articles in details with some real life examples.

After successful publishing of your blog you need visitor / traffic for your blog. Yes, traffic is the main key for earn cash from online! Regular posting is important; apply some short term and long term traffic methods to your blog. Best of luck!

Thanks a lot for reading.


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