Seven simple tips to choose better Article Title


Morning Shows the Day!
Just like this – Readers can quickly get a snapshot seeing the title of an article. So before publish a post it’s better to choose a pleasant, simple and eye-catching title containing some interesting words to attracts readers. Of course what you are saying in the title you should write about the same thing details in the body of the article.

Everybody knows successful blogging means traffic, traffic and more traffic. Whatever the reason for your blogging is, in the end you need lots of visitors to your site. People like interesting articles to fulfill their online desires. For me, when I search on the web for something, first I read the title and then I go inside of it. One of the most important and common tip for better blogging is to choose an attractive title before writing an article on the web.

Study before you write:
Write an article in one, two, three or even in more days, take more time but write a better one. Read some popular related article about your title and study these, if possible read the comments below it and try to understand what other peoples are saying. Don’t write three articles in one day, write one article in three days, it will help you to produce a better one.

Give Priority to your Readers:
Always write for the readers, not for the Search Engines. Getting indexed quickly in any search engine depends on traffic, back links etc and loyal traffic depends on the quality of any article. Imagine yourself as a reader not a writer; just think what you will look for inside an article. If your readers get what they need from your article they will come back again and again to look for another one.

What is the truth:
Don’t provide any wrong information; tell the truth with proper references. Don’t even try to attract readers with any kind of false information, they will be gone forever from your site. For any product review, tell the good things and the bad things about it. Help the readers to become their own boss to choose any kind of products or services!

Quality of the Article:
Another important thing is you need to pay special attention to write a Quality Article. Find out your target audience and write for them from your heart. Quality Content is the King, since search engines also look for these types of quality contents.

Link to other site:
When use any third party sites as a reference, provide the right one. Don’t provide any type of ad link or wrong link or any other link that will make your readers annoyance. Suppose, if you write something about NASA’s Mars Mission, provide exact page link from NASA’s website about Mission to Mars.

Stealing is bad:
Everyone can write, you can write your own stunning article. People will definitely love your writings if you write what you know about from your heart. Don’t make a copy paste of others writing. You can study what others saying about but don’t copy others. Start something from scratch, use pen and paper, write something better than others.

Length of the article:
Length of an article depends on subjects of the article and your skills. Depending on the subject the length can between 500 to 1000 or even more. Sometimes the length is does not matter if your readers get interested in it. A short post can be around 500 words and a long post can be around 1000 words or even more. Finally, length is not a matter when your writings able to catch readers eye!

These are some simple tips to choose a better article topic, something advance are coming soon.

Thanks a lot reading.


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