Short On-Page SEO Tips or Checklist


My previous post related to SEO was just a little explanation about what is Search Engine Optimization. But this post is little bit different and for advance user. Here are some short tips or checklist that could help you little bit more to apply SEO and drive traffic to your site. When it comes about on-page SEO, I think you’ve heard a lot about keyword density in post, how to apply meta tags and you must have some basic knowledge about HTML, CSS etc.

Just read the below tips / checklist and try to apply in your blog, it will definitely bring lots of traffic to your site:

  • Choose a Short, Smart, Sweet and Attractive URL which is SEO and Visitor friendly.

  • Don’t choose any long, horrible or ugly URL.

  • Title of any site is very important, include your selected and targeted Keywords in the title tag of your site.

  • Using H1 tag in your post title can help you a little bit more to increase PageRank.

  • Use H2 tag is subheadings and including selected keyword in subheading is very useful.

  • Add some modifier words such as best, guide, how, where, review etc in your site title.

  • Using Image, Audio, Videos in the post can increase the chance of getting more traffic, these podcasts describe a lot about any scenario.

  • Include some of your primary keywords before the first 100 to 150 words of the article.

  • Mobile unfriendly sites are now getting penalized by Google, so use responsive design or upload a responsive template for your site.

  • As a white hat SEO strategy, add outbound links in your site to get more visitors via search engines.

  • Use internal link, which means link to another post or pages in your own blog/site is helpful.

  • Site loading speed is another important aspect of SEO strategy, Make sure that your site does not take more than 4-5 seconds to load.

  • Sprinkle LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords in your posts, these are synonyms and Google determine to identify your sites quality.

  • Use image in every single post in your blog and include one or more target keyword in image name.

  • Social media’s are important in present world! Social sharing buttons can increase the chance to get more traffic to your site.

  • Google likes long and unique content including lots of helpful information. Longer contents have more chance to appear in first page search result.

  • Increase your average dwell time by writing quality, long and engaging content that keeps people reading your article. If someone get back from your site after immediate landing, this is bad. Search engines dislike it.

  • To identify a quality content search engines algorithm determines some factors such as Repetition of visitors, visiting time on site, Dwell time, online searches for your target keyword, Bookmarking of site etc.

  • Encourage your readers to make comments in your blog, this will bring some extra traffic to your site and increase your PageRank.

  • More click means More traffic. Google determines a sites ranking from CTR rate (click through rate).
    Do whatever you need to do to increase your sites visitors, follow the above on-page SEO tips and show

your site in the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and more..

Best of luck!


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