Off-Page SEO Short Tips


To improve site or blog traffic stats and to improve it’s position in search engines result Off-Page SE Optimization is another very important thing. Appearing on Google’s first page always depend on both onpage and offpage SEO strategy. Off-Page SEO is not just a link building, there are more to derive from it in details. My previous post was about some On-Page SEO tips.

Off-Page SEO can be online and offline to promote any website or a brand, product, services on the internet. Using content, links and relationships etc to create an optimal experience for prospects with the search engine bot. Google always keeps it’s searching algorithm secret but it releases plenty of information about how to write a quality and retlevant content, how to increase PageRank, how to increase site traffic, how to avoid Google penalty etc. There are plenty of research based articles, tips and tricks, testing facilities, forum posting, information-sharing on the internet for those who wants to do SEO professionally.

Below are some checklists that could help any professionals about Off-Page SEO.

  • If possible create your own brand, service or product. Spread them online and offline. When people know about it, they will definitely search for it which will lead them to visit your site. Provide after customer services for your brand product or services.

  • Keep your focus on web search intention, offer your products/services to your targeted customers based on their web searches. Share your content in proper places.

  • Social media presence is also very important, it is a valuable component of your Off-Page SEO strategy.

  • Ask questions and interact with your friends, followers, family members, and associates. Build more connections with social media’s and online influencers or activists.

  • Stay active in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn accounts share a link button of these Social Media in your site. Promote your latest news and views in your social media page or group page and ask/invite other users to like, share and make comments.

  • Visit and read popular blog related to your content and make comments, get registered with forums and keep regular posting on them.

  • Write articles for third party blogs or sites as a guest, initially don’t include your links when you write guest post. This will help you to build a good relation with top publishers, bloggers, online influencers.

  • Submit article in article directories and don’t forget to include one or two page link of your site inside the article, place them in the end or proper places.

  • Use Open Site Explorer ( for free to measure your sites inbound links and their values. You can see your top-linked page, can sort by linking domains, see the anchor text that other sites are linking with. You can compare the metrics of your site with your competitors.

  • Get inbound links from legitimate article directories, press releases sites, similar blogs, vendors, business partners, local and global web listings directories, and other useful online tools that peoples are willing to link up with.

All the tactics mentioned above can be describe more deeply if you want to learn more. Those tips can serves as a great starting point of your Off-Page SEO effort. Be consistent and patient, do some regular hard work, and you will gradually climb to the top of Google search result pages.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Best of luck !


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