About VR or Virtual Reality


What we experience as a human being is called ‘reality’ and the word ‘virtual’ is means near or almost same as. So, Virtual Reality means near the reality, the definition comes from both the word Virtual and Reality. Most of us know about our five most obvious sense organs: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. But the truth is as a human being we have more senses such as for an example, a sense of balance.

Everything that we see, hear or smell about our reality comes by the way of our senses. Science says,

“Our entire experience of reality is simply a combination of sensory information and our brains sense-making mechanisms for that information. It stands to reason then, that if you can present your senses with made-up information, your perception of reality would also change in response to it. You would be presented with a version of reality that isn’t really there, but from your perspective it would be perceived as real. Something we would refer to as a virtual reality.”

In technical terms, a computer generated, 3D environment which can be explored and interacted with or by any human called Virtual Reality. And he becomes a part of this virtual world or is immersed within this environment and can manipulate objects or perform a series of actions in the environment.

Virtual Reality Headsets:
A virtual reality (or VR) headset is like a pair of goggles that a person can wear over his eyes. External lights block by this device and it shows images, videos on high-definition screens in front of the eyes. The goal of the VR headset is to throw you into a game, a movie or drama etc as you enjoy them like the real world.

mobile_virtual_realityMobile Virtual Reality:
You need a Smartphone and a VR headset to get started with Mobile Virtual reality experiences. Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream View, Google Cardboard, Merge VR goggles are such kind of devices to interact with the Smartphone. To access all the contents and functions of the phone you need to insert it into the VR device headset. Most of the VR devices are compatible with various phone models.

Console console_virtual_realityVirtual Reality:
The HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift are such kind of headset use especially to enjoy a real life gaming experience. The mobile VR really has the computing power for videos, audios, images and other simple VR experiences, but the HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift VR headset are perfect and enjoyable for 3D gaming. There are lots of steadily growing library of VR games and experiences in the market which is getting popularity day by day.

PC Virtual Reality:pc_virtual_reality
For VR enthusiasts this type of VR is an ultimate choice. It has some features with the highest number of game, apps etc. The prices are high for PC Virtual Reality devices. A computer able to run at 90 frames per second or higher and you can experience unparalleled realism in VR movies, gaming and other VR experiences.

Something New is coming:

  • HTC Vive / Lenovo Daydream headsets from Google, will use a technology called WorldSense to be fully Smartphone and wireless free. Everything will be handled by the headset itself, no need to plug it in, no need for any tracker or sensors.
  • Microsoft is also investing heavily in Windows Mixed Reality partnering with a bunch of manufactures like Acer, Lenovo and HP. The headset can sense the room and keep track of where it is using a pair of depth-sensing cameras.


  • The Fove-O offers a special eye-tracking technology which will be different from other Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR headsets. The eye-tracking measured at 120fps and its also setup is an 5.7-inch, 1440p display; has a 100+ degree field of view; 70fps frame rate etc.
  • Like other VR headset such as PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, Razer’s OSVR is not, the developers can make applications for VR hardware, without technical limitations using Razer’s OSVR.

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