Virtual Reality Headsets and Games


Use of VR Glasses, Goggles, Headsets in science fiction movies has now entered in the real world. The future of Virtual Reality has begun and has gone in the mainstream. The VR Technology is going to boom in the video gaming industry. There are lots different VR headsets from all the manufacturers with different power and prices. Samsung’s Gear VR with recently added a separate controller, Steam friendly Vive from HTC, outstanding PlayStation VR from Sony, Cardboard and Google Daydream, Oculus Rift etc are some of the devices that playing an important role in the changing of gaming industries.

Samsung Gear VR:
The requirement to use a Samsung’s Gear VR is just a Samsung Smartphone. It is one of the easiest accessible VR systems, Samsung galaxy ranging from S6 to the S8 can use easily with this headset. Samsung regularly bundles the Gear VR with its flagship Smartphone models. The new Gear VR comes with a new Bluetooth controller technology equipped with both motion sensor system and a touch pad. Oculus collaboration with Samsung to build the Gear’s software ecosystem features a solid handful of VR games and apps and the ways to consume 360-degree video.


Some popular Samsung Gear VR games include: MineCraft- Both VR Gear and Pocket Mobile edition, Smash Hit VR- for wonderfully destructive experience, Hitman Go- for both mobile and VR edition, Land’s End- with Monument Valley etc. The Gear VR is a bit more expensive than both the previous iteration and the Google Daydream View but easy to use in both VR and Mobile edition it provides varieties of options.

HTC Vive / SteamVR:
For a whole room VR area including a headset, two motion controllers, and two base stations HTC Vives is a complete package. The HTC Vive tracks your movements within 10 foot cube from your seating place. The motion controller is more advance if compared to Sony PlayStation. The price is little bit higher but and PC-tethered VR system with the Vive VR device need bounty of power and a minimum Intel Core i5-4590 processor along with a GeForce GTX 970 graphics card.


Some of the most exciting VR games and experiences for HTC Vive’s are presently available in the market include: Blasters of the Universe- offers more depth to personalize your weapon system, Circle of Saviors- battle in a fantasy land, DOOM VFR- a new game, Fallout 4 VR- contains brand new mechanics adapted for the HTC Vive motion tracked controllers, Seeking Dawn- immerses you in a deadly world of alien.

PlayStation VR:
One of the best choices for the VR game lovers is Sony’s PlaStation VR. If you already have PlayStation then you don’t have to remodel your house, the family-friendly PSVR headset is a perfect choice. Within a 10-15 minute setup it works fine with any PS4 system. The easy to use tethered and most refined experience with PlayStation VR helps to reach this device at the top. VR experience with this headset is so impressive and the theatre mode lets you play any PS4 games as you are sitting in front of a giant screen. A PlayStation Move controller and a PlayStation Camera are needed for the full functionality. PlayStation VR Charge and Display Station are the basic needs.


As a PlayStation owner you must be always excited about the next wave of PSVR games. Some of the most predictable new PSVR games include: Until Dawn- rush of Blood, Robinson- the Journey, Batman- arkham VR, RIGS Mechanized Combat League VR, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin etc. The PSVR headset is an unveiling device, impressive and fantastic lineup from Sony Corporation.

Cardboard and Daydream:
Google’s Cardboard lets you experience the virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way. From a variety of apps and with plenty of viewer types available you can choose your own to use with Cardboard VR headsets. Gather new experiences like visit new places, fly through the spaces, play lots of immersive games. HTC Vice and Lenovo companies together make the Daydream to let you experience Daydream VR headsets. Explore today the new virtual worlds using Daydream VR and enjoy VR cinemas and play games that put you in the center of the action.


Some of the popular gaming experiences for Daydream include:  Eclipse: Edge of Light- a mysterious story of alien’s world filled with more discoveries and wonders, Virtual Rabbits: The Big Plan- share the stage with the Rabbits, Hungry Shark VR- Control a very Hungry Shark in an aquatic adventure, V-VR: Virtual Virtual Reality, Bandix Six- an airborne shooter game in the World War II, Bait- a fishing game where in a relax and calm environment you can catch fish.

Oculus Rift:
The most popular VR headset in the world Oculus Rift are now combining the immersive power with the magic of hand presence only Touch devices. For your best experience with VR you can choose the Oculus Rift VR devices. Whether you watching your favorite movies, you are playing your favorite games, jumping to the other side or just spending time with your friends in Virtual Reality world, Oculus Rift is unlike other VR you have ever enjoyed.


Together a combination of low-latency constellation tracking system, the advanced display technology with its precise will give you the feeling as you’re actually there. Some VR games to gather ultimate experiences with the Rift’s: Dead and Buried- step into a world full of gunslingers and ghosts, Rick and Morty: put you right in the middle of cartoon shows, Robo Recall- highest quality VR game offering riveting gameplay, bright and exciting visuals, Technolust- place you inside a dark cyberpunk world, Chronos- filled with enemies, puzzles, and plenty of challenges.

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