How to turn your Mobile into a VR Device


Enter the virtual reality world using your Smartphone. Your Smartphone can operate as an entry tag to start a journey in the fantasy of VR world. You can view 360 degree videos, shoot the aliens in the sky without the help of Oculus Rift, PSVR, HTC Vive and other expensive VR devices. But for the price sensitive users, turning a Smartphone into a VR device can be a better option. From lots of games and apps just download and install your preferred VR apps and games on your Smartphone to get started with this amazing experience.

First choose the best Kit:
Check your Smartphone for its supported and suitable VR kit first. Depending on your phone models you can choose from a variety of options. Samsung Gear VR is perfect for Samsung Galaxy series handsets, Plenty of VR kits are available on the market, find the best matches for your handset and start explore the world. Google Cardboard inspired model Smartphone’s are also available. If you can’t find anything matching to your handset, don’t worry, still you can view 360-degree videos on YouTube without any extra kit.


Check compatibility of the Kit with your Handset:
In the present Mobile VR market Samsung and Google are rolling. Plenty of other companies are getting involved now days in the VR Mobile technology though. For any model of Smartphone or even a tablet you can find a comfortable VR headset. Before buying one, double check with the content of your phone, read reviews and forum postings from the users like you.

Set your phone:
Keep your Smartphone in the specified place or slot on the VR headsets. Read the instructions well to make sure that you get it right. If your headset has straps adjust them to fit your head accordingly. For some headsets manual assembly required such as Google Cardboard kits like this one from Minkanak. It’s not even hard, download all the instructions from and you can do it your own easily. All the sets compatible with Cardboard supplies a QR code on them so that you can use to adjust your phone inside the viewer.

For a Gear VR or any other pre-built mobile VR headsets the process is easier, just plug your Smartphone into the empty slot. For particular Samsung handsets the clips allow to adjust the case and the front of the Gear VR snaps back on. Smartphone’s security and safety is important, so always put your phone in the slot carefully. While you are in VR mode, keep you Smartphone in Airplane mode, it will help your handsets to keep out from overheating.

The Real Experience:
After selecting your preferred kit and initial setup of your Smartphone and VR headset, it’s time to gather some real experience. Install some virtual reality software from play store to make the most of your new device. For Cardboard users Android or iOS apps are needed, there are some demo apps links to help you find lots of other contents. The Samsung Gear VR will automatically install the Oculus app first time you connect your phone with the device. Oculus app has a growing amount of content.


Lots of Apps:
Virtual reality is a new technology and is still in early days. The number of apps, games and content is not huge yet. There are enough Street View photospheres and Youtube 360-degree video content on the internet that works fine too. Vrse, Hardcode and Fulldive VR are some of the apps for basic VR users of Cardboard. Oculus Store is more advanced and refined for VR apps and contents. Esper 2, Viral, Land’s End and Herobound can be a better recommendation for the basic users. There are also a huge number of 360 degree videos for the Google Cardboard users.

Control your VR:
VR apps and games can work with Bluetooth controllers but the compatibility and support depend on your using. Depending on the manufacturers controlling system, use of the VR device can be easy or harder. The basic Google’s Cardboard viewers have one single NFC-enabled button, while the Samsung’s Gear VR adds a trackpad to the mix. Actions are controlled using movements of the user’s hand and button that used to select. To use some extra controller with your device, check well the compatibility with the headset and the apps.

To gather some advanced and better VR experience than Smartphone you can buy something serious like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Another exciting Mobile VR is offered by Trinus VR, it can stream your normal PC games to a Cardboard-style headset using some software wizardry and convert them into VR-ready devices.

Thanks a lot for reading.


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