Various Locomotion game list for Oculus Rift VR


Natural Locomotion:

Any kind of camera movement, thumbstick or keyboard movement is not uses in Natural Locomotion games. This kind of games only uses movements of players head. It enables player’s constant presence and do not generally cause players sickness.

The below is a list of some Natural Locomotion games designed for Oculus Rife VR:

Name Game Type Required Input Devices
AirMech: Command Action RTS (Exclusive) Gamepad
Audio Arena Music Oculus Remote / Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
bloxyz Puzzle Gamepad
Chronos Adventure RPG (Exclusive)
Constricting Cubes Puzzle Gamepad
Darknet Puzzle Oculus Remote / Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
Dead Secret Mystery Thriller Oculus Remote / Gamepad
Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition Tower Defense (Exclusive) Oculus Remote / Gamepad
Don’t Let Go! Gamepad
Drunk or Dead Zombie shooter Oculus Touch
Esper 2 Puzzle (Exclusive) Oculus Remote / Gamepad
Farlands Exploration (Exclusive) Oculus Remote / Gamepad
Floor Plan Adventure Oculus Remote / Gamepad
Fly to KUMA Puzzle (Exclusive) Gamepad
Gumball Drift Arcade Racer Gamepad
Herobound: Spirit Champion Adventure RPG (Exclusive) Gamepad
Hitman GO: VR Edition Turn-based Strategy (Exclusive) Oculus Remote / Gamepad
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Social Puzzle Gamepad
Kismet Magic Gamepad
Nighttime Terror: Dessert Defender Top-down Shooter Gamepad
Pinball FX2 VR Arcade Game Gamepad
Please, Don’t Touch Anything Puzzle (Exclusive) Oculus Remote / Gamepad
Proton Pulse Plus Casual Gamepad
Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle Puzzle Gamepad
Ruckus Ridge VR Party Party Shooter Gamepad / Mouse
Showdown VR Action adventure Oculus Remote / Gamepad
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR Mystery Gamepad
Vektron Revenge Action Oculus Remote / Gamepad
Sword Art Online: The Beginning Project RPG Demo Only


Cockpit Locomotion:
In Cockpit Locomotion games players traverse an environment using a vehicle with a cockpit. Whether this causes motion sickness sick varies between individual players, the size of the cockpit, and the intensity of motion.

The below is a list of some Cockpit Locomotion games specially designed for Oculus Rife VR:

Name Game Type Required Input Devices
ADR1FT Adventure Gamepad
American Truck Simulator Driving Simulation Gamepad / Steering Wheel
Assetto Corsa Racing Simulation Steering Wheel
Astrokarts Space Racing Flight Simulation (Exclusive) Gamepad
Bazaar Adventure Gamepad
CDF Starfighter VR Space Dogfighter Gamepad / Flight Stick
Digital Combat Simulator World Flight Simulation Flight Stick
DiRT Rally Racing Simulation (Exclusive) Steering wheel
Distance Arcade Racer Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
Elite Dangerous Spaceflight Simulation Gamepad / Flight Stick
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Driving Simulation Gamepad / Steering Wheel
EVE: Valkyrie Space Dogfighter Gamepad / Flight Stick
FIRMA Action Adventure Gamepad / Flight Stick
Flight Simulator X Flight Simulation Flight Stick
GUNJACK Turret Shooter Gamepad
iOmoon Adventure Gamepad
iRacing Racing Simulation (Exclusive) Steering Wheel
Live for Speed Racing Simulation Steering Wheel
Omega Agent Action Gamepad
Prepar3D Flight Simulation Steering Wheel
Project CARS – Game of the Year Edition Racing Simulation Gamepad / Steering Wheel
RaceRoom Racing Experience Racing Simulation Gamepad / Steering Wheel
Radial-G: Racing Revolved Arcade Racer Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard / Steering Wheel
Space Bit Attack Arcade Gamepad
Time Machine VR Adventure Gamepad
Toy Plane Heroes Arcade Dogfighter Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
Valiant Action Gamepad
VR Karts Arcade Racer Gamepad / Steering Wheel
War Thunder Flight Simulation Gamepad / Flight Stick


Artificial Locomotion:
In Artificial Locomotion games movement of the camera, such as thumbstick player movement or on rails camera movement. This kind of games can give the players a wider range of experiences, but can cause motion sickness and can be detrimental to presence.

The below is a list of some Artificial Locomotion games specially designed for Oculus Rife VR:

Name Game Type Required Input Devices
Ad Exitum Horror Mouse & Keyboard
Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games Platformer Gamepad
Albino Lullaby Horror Gamepad
BlazeRush Arcade Racing Gamepad
Boogeyman Horror Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
Casino VR Poker Social Gambling Gamepad
City Z Top-Down Shooter Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
Crashed Lander Arcade Gamepad
Crystal Rift Action RPG Gamepad
Descent: Underground 6DOF FPS Gamepad
Dreadhalls Horror (Exclusive) Gamepad
Edge of Nowhere Action-Adventure Horror (Exclusive) Gamepad
Emily Wants to Play Horror Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
Escape: Close Call Action Gamepad
Euclidean Psychological Horror Gamepad
FATED: The Silent Oath Adventure Gamepad
Gon’ E-Choo! Arcade Gamepad
InCell Arcade Racer Gamepad
InMind VR Arcade Gamepad
Insane Decay of Mind Horror Mouse & Keyboard
Into the Dead Survival FPS Gamepad
Kittypocalypse Tower Defense Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
Kumoon (with DLC) Puzzle Gamepad
Legend of Dungeon Action RPG Gamepad
Lucky’s Tale Platformer (Exclusive) Gamepad
Marble Mountain Platformer Gamepad
Mind Unleashed FPS Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
Minecraft Adventure / Sandbox Gamepad
Observatory: A VR Variety Pack Various Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
Poly Runner VR Arcade Gamepad
P·O·L·L·E·N Exploration Gamepad
Quake (With Mod) FPS Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
Roblox (Dynablocks 2004-2005) Sandbox Mouse & Keyboard
Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe Air Hockey Gamepad
Smashing The Battle Arena Fighter Gamepad
Stealth Labyrinth FPS Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
Subnautica Adventure Gamepad
SwingStar Action Gamepad
TECHNOLUST Adventure Gamepad
The Climb Exploration (Exclusive) Gamepad
The Collider 2 Arcade Racer Gamepad
The Solus Project Exploration Adventure Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
The Town of Light Horror Gamepad
Void 21 Shooter Gamepad
Volo Airsport Flying Gamepad
VR Tennis Online Sports Gamepad
Windlands Adventure Gamepad
Yon Paradox Puzzle Gamepad / Mouse & Keyboard
3dxChat Adult Keyboard



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