Virtual Reality Game List for HTC Vive VR – Part 1


HTC Vive created with the world renowned PC gaming magnate Valve including game-changing dual control wands with near perfect tracking.  Lots of HTC Vive VR games are available in the market place. Below is just a list of the games specially developed for HTC Vive (ascending by developer name).

Game Release Developer Publisher
Observatory: A VR Variety Pack May-16 2DArray 2DArray
8i – Make VR Human Apr-16 8i 8i
PlanetFate Jun-16 Aaron Matthies Aaron Matthies
KOTH Sep-16 Abbeytek Ltd Abbeytek Ltd
Zombie Training Simulator Apr-16 Accelerato Accelerato
Slam Jul-16 Aera Studios Aera Studios
Rec Room Jun-16 Against Gravity Against Gravity
Waltz of the Wizard May-16 Aldin Dynamics Aldin Dynamics
Modbox Apr-16 Alien Trap Alien Trap
Smell Of Death Jul-16 2Alkame Games Alkame Games
Euclidean Sep-15 Alpha Wave Entertainment AAD Productions
Felt Tip Circus Apr-16 Alpha Wave Entertainment AAD Productions
FTC Workshop Tool Jun-16 Alpha Wave Entertainment AAD Productions
AltspaceVR Mar-16 AltspaceVR, Inc. AltspaceVR, Inc.
Holopoint Apr-16 Alzan Studios, LLC Alzan Studios, LLC
Brick Stack VR Jul-16 Andrew French Andrew Frenchy
VReakout Jul-16 Animate Objects Animate Objects
Sky Tower Apr-16 Animootor Animootor
Metro Warp Aug-15 Another Yeti Another Yeti
Octoshield VR Jun-16 Anthony Pigeot Anthony Pigeot
Always Higher Jul-16 AntiAnti AntiAnti
Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 Apr-16 Ape Law Ape Law
Waddle Home Jul-16 Archiact Interactive Ltd. Archiact Interactive Ltd.
Geo-Fall Jul-16 Argeus Games Argeus Games
Zenblade Apr-16 Atomic VR Inc. Atomic VR Inc.
Puzzle Blocks Jul-16 Ayy Caramba Games Ayy Caramba Games
Jupiteration Mar-17 Bartoš Studio s.r.o. Bartoš Studio s.r.o.
BARBAR BAR , Jun-17 TBartoš Studio s.r.o, EDI Games Bartoš Studio s.r.o.
Tabletop Simulator Apr-16 Berserk Games Berserk Games
BigScreen Beta Apr-16 BigScreen, Inc. BigScreen, Inc.
Vistascapes VR Jul-16 Bird Man Games Bird Man Games
V ARRRR Jun-16 Blackjard Studios Blackjard Studios
THyper Bowling VR TaMay-16 TBlaze Forward Games TBlaze Forward Games
Garage Drummer VR MJun-16 Blazing Tree Studio Blazing Tree Studio
Table Tennis VR Jul-16 Blue Entropy Studios Blue Entropy Studios
The Night Cafe: A VR Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh Jun-16 TBorrowed Light Studios TBorrowed Light Studios
Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic Apr-16 Bossa Studios Bossa Studios
Dimensional Jul-16 Brett Jackson Brett Jackson
Paintey TApr-16 Brian Lindenhof ShadowBrain Games
Irrational Exuberance: Prologue Apr-16 Buffalo Vision Buffalo Vision
Bowl VR Jun-16 Carbon Fiber Games Carbon Fiber Games
Gunjack Apr-16 CCP CCP
Eve: Valkyrie Mar-16 CCP Games CCP Games
Pool Nation VR Jun-16 Cherry Pop Games, Perilous Orbit Cherry Pop Games, Perilous Orbit
Car Car Crash Hands On Edition Jul-16 Chocolatefudge Games Chocolatefudge Games
Astroderps Jun-16 Chronos VR Chronos VR
The Gallery: Six Elements – Ep 1: Call of the Starseed Apr-16 Cloudhead Games Cloudhead Games
The Torus Syndicate Nov-16 Codeate LLC Codeate LLC
Cyber Pong Vr Apr-16 Colopl Nl Colopl Nl
Colosse Apr-16 Colosse Team Fire Panda Ltd.
Ancient VR coaster Jul-16 Crovax Studios Crovax Studios
House of Alice Jul-16 Cuddles and Snowflake Cuddles and Snowflake
Constricting Cubes Oct-16 D.W.S. D.W.S.
Egg Time Sep-16 Dalibor Bartoš TEDI Games
Chamber 19 May-16 Deepak M., Grant B. Deepak M., Grant B.
Pong Champion VR Jul-16 DegaSolutions DegaSolutions
Muv-Luv VR Jun-16 Degica, ixtl Degica
Descent: Underground Apr-16 Descendent Studios Descendent Studios
Yon Paradox May-16 Digital Mantis IV Productions, Merge Games
Discovr Egypt: King Tut’s Tomb Apr-16 Discovr Labs Discovr Labs
Polynomial 2 May-16 Dmytry lavrov Dmytry lavrov
Crashed Lander Jun-14 Don Whitaker Brain Blinks
Onward Aug-16 Downpour Interactive Downpour Interactive
Titans of Space 2.0 Apr-16 DrashVR LLC DrashVR LLC
Celestrion Dec-15 dSky9, Inc. dSky9, Inc.
Vintage VR May-16 Dunderware
Audioshield Apr-16 Dylan Fitterer Dylan Fitterer
DCS World Mar-13 Eagle Dynamics The Fighter Collection
MageWorks Jul-16 Earthborn Interactive, LLC Earthborn Interactive, LLC
Dogfight Elite Jul-16 Echoboom S.L. Echoboom S.L.
Light Repair Team #4 Apr-16 Eerie Bear Games Eerie Bear Games
Mutato Match Jun-16 Emerald Activities Coming Soon!
JUMP Jul-15 Endeavor One Inc. Endeavor One Inc.
Human, we have a problem Jul-16 Enrick Lambert Enrick Lambert
Star Chart Aug-16 Escapist Games Ltd Escape Velocity Limited
The Rose and I Apr-16 Eugene Chung, Jimmy Maidens, Terry Kaleas Penrose Studios
Heaven Island Life Apr-16 Fabio Ferrara Chubby Pixel
Chunks Apr-16 Facepunch Studios Facepunch Studios
Omega Agent May-16 Fireproof Studios 2DArray
Skeet: VR Target Shooting Apr-16 Flatbox Studios Flatbox Studios LLC
The FOO Show featuring Will Smith Apr-16 FOO VR, Inc. FOO VR, Inc.
Ruckus Ridge VR Party Apr-16 Foreignvr Foreignvr
VR Battle Grid Jul-16 Fred Sauer Fred Sauer
Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game Aug-16 Freekstorm Freekstor
Cloudrift Oct-15 friendlyOctopus friendlyOctopus
FATED: The Silent Oath Apr-16 Frima Studio Frima Originals
Elite Dangerous: Arena Feb-16 Frontier Developments Frontier Developments
Elite: Dangerous Dec-14 Frontier Developments Frontier Developments
Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass Dec-15 Frontier Developments Frontier Developments
ShowdownVR Sep-16 Frontseat Studio Table cell
Mind Unleashed May-16 Frost Earth IV Productions, Merge Games
VR Disc Golf Jul-16 FRS Game Studio Front Range Software, LLC
HALP! Aug-16 Fun Bits Fun Bits
Cosmic Trip Apr-16 Funktronic Labs Funktronic Labs
Think Space Jul-16 Funly, Inc. Funly, Inc.
Russian VR CoastersFunny Twins Jul-16 Funny Twins Funny Twins
The Slingshot VR May-16 Funny Twins Funny Twins
VRMark Preview Dec-15 Futuremark Futuremark
A-10 Apr-16 Futuretown Futuretown
Cloudlands: VR Minigolf Apr-16 Futuretown Futuretown
Jeeboman Apr-16 Futuretown Futuretown
War Thunder Apr-16 Gaijin Entertainment Gaijin Entertainment
ChessVR Jul-16 games.Sharbit games.Sharbit
Ultimate Booster Experience Apr-16 GexagonVR GexagonVR
Final Strike Jun-16 Ghost Machine Ghost Machine
Gumball Drift Apr-16 Ghost Machine Ghost Machine
Orc Assault May-16 Ghost Machine Ghost Machine
Universe Sandbox Apr-16 Giant Army Giant Army


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