Virtual Reality Game List for HTC Vive VR – Part 3


HTC Vive games list (continued)…

Name Release Developer Publisher
Emergence Fractal Universe Jul-16 Paul Wand 17th Dimension
Final Approach Apr-16 Phaser Lock Interactive Phaser Lock Interactive
VIRTUAnimator May-16 Pheonise Pheonise
Whirligig Apr-16 Philip Day Philip Day
The Brookhaven Experiment Jul-16 Phosphor Games Phosphor Games
4089: Ghost Within Jan-15 Phroots Software Phroots Software
5089 The Action RPG Apr-16 Phroots Software Phroots Software
Spermination Apr-16 Phr00t’s Software Phr00t’s Software
VR Fractals Jul-16 Phylliida Phylliida
Bowslinger Apr-16 Pompaduo Pompaduo
Portal Stories: VR May-16 Prism Studios Prism Studios
Kismet May-16 Psyop Psyop
Crystal Rift Mar-16 Psytec Games Ltd Psytec Games Ltd
Windlands Apr-16 Psytec Games Ltd Psytec Games Ltd
Battle Dome Jun-16 QuinnTeq QuinnTeq
IrreVRsible May-16 Raptor-Lab Raptor-Lab
Realities Apr-16
The Path of Greatest Resistance Jul-16 RealityRig RealityRig
Vector 36 Apr-16 Red River Studios Red River Studios
Stealth Labyrinth Apr-16 Reddoll Srl IV Productions, Merge Games
Football VR Jul-16 Revive Studios Revive Studios
Legend of Dungeon Sep-13 Robot Loves Kitty Robot Loves Kitty
Wildlife VR Jul-16 Rocket Science Club Rocket Science Club
Apr-16 Rocketwerks Rocketwerks
The Cubicle Apr-16 Roel van Beek, Jurgen Hoogeboom, Joppe de Graaf, Jesper van den Ende Jespertheend
Babel: Tower to the Gods Apr-16 Ruce Ruce
Broomball VR Jul-16 Rushil Reddy, Priyam Parikh, Ken Watanabe Broomball Inc.
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, & Hand Grenades Apr-16 RUST Ltd. RUST Ltd.
Orbital Strike: Arena Jul-16 Sandglass Games LLC Sandglass Games LLC
DreamLand Jul-16 SandVUE SANPACE
Waterbears VR Apr-16 Schell Games Schell Games
Minigame Party VR Apr-16 Scornz Scornz
CDF: Starfighter VR Apr-16 Shaun Williams MAG Studios
Emily Wants to Play Dec-15 Shawn Hitchcock SKH Apps LLC
The Collider 2 Apr-16 Shortbreak Studios s.c. Shortbreak Studios s.c.
Simple VR Video Player Jul-16
Ad Exitum May-16 Since Idea Games Since Idea Games
Sketchfab VR May-16 Sketchfab Sketchfab
‘n Verlore Verstand Feb-16 Skobbejak Games Skobbejak Games
Audio Arena Jul-16 Skydome Studios Skydome Studios
Project CARS May-16 Slightly Mad Studios Bandai Namco Entertainment, Slightly Mad Studios
EVEREST VR Aug-16 Sólfar Studios, RVX Sólfar Studios
Astral Domine May-16 Spectral Illusions Spectral Illusions
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Apr-16 Steel Crate Games Steel Crate Games
The Visitor Apr-16 Stephen Long Stephen Long
RollerGirls From Beyond Jul-16 Stonepunk Studios Stonepunk Studios
Lantern Nov-16 Storm in a Teacup 1C Company
VR zGame Jun-16 StormBringer Studios OU StormBringer Studios OU
Hover Junkers Apr-16 Stress Level Zero Stress Level Zero
Sayonara Umihara Kawase Oct-15 Studio Saizensen Degica
SurrealVR Apr-16 Surreal Games Surreal Games
Raw Data Jul-16 Survios Survios
CINEVEO – VR Cinema May-16 Sven Kohn Mindprobe Labs
bloxyz May-16 Svution Svution
Holodaze May-16 Sysdia Games Sysdia Games
Radial G: racing Evolved Apr-16 Tammeka games Tammeka games
Dolphin Defense May-16 Tanner Thayer Tanner Thayer
Tower Island: Explore, Discover and Disassemble Jul-16 Team of Light Mecia LLC Team of Light Mecia LLC
Bazaar Mar-16 Temple Gates Games Temple Gates Games
Kodon Jun-16 Tenk Labs Tenk Labs
Abbot’s Book Demo Apr-16 The Abbot’s Book, LLC Blackthorn Media, LLC
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR Mar-16 The Astronauts The Astronauts
Ricerca VR May-16 The Family, LLC, Yo-Yo Lin, William Paul Cowan Jr., Mike Murdock, Neilson K-S The Family, LLC
Blasters of the Universe Jul-16 The Secret Location The Secret Location
Diorama No.1: Blocked In Apr-16 The Shoebox Diorama (Daniel Ernst) The Shoebox Diorama
Diorama No.3: Blocked In Apr-16 The Shoebox Diorama (Daniel Ernst) The Shoebox Diorama
Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox Jul-16 The Stork Burnt Down The Stork Burnt Down
Adr1ft Jul-16 THREE ONE ZERO 505 Games
GravPool Aug-16 TinyCrease TinyCrease
Unseen Diplomacy Apr-16 Triangular Pixels Triangular Pixels
Atlas Reactor VR Character Viewer Apr-16 Trion Worlds Trion Worlds
Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games Apr-16 Turbo Button Cartoon Network
Eagle Flight Oct-16 Ubisoft Ubisoft Montreal
UNCORPOREAL – “Alcatraz Island Lofts” Jul-16 Uncorporeal Systems Uncorporeal Systems
UNCORPOREAL – “Fluffy!” Jul-16 Uncorporeal Systems Uncorporeal Systems
Armed Against the Undead Jun-16 Unity3d.College Unity3d.College
VR Baseball Apr-16 Unity3D.College Unity3D.College
Destinations Jun-16 Valve Corporation Valve Corporation
Dota 2 Jul-13 Valve Corporation Valve Corporation
The Lab Apr-16 Valve Corporation Valve Corporation
World of Diving Aug-14 Vertigo Games Vertigo Games
Minigolf VR Apr-16 Virtualex Virtualex
VirZOOM Arcade Jun-16 VirZOOM VirZOOM
Mervils: A VR Adventure Aug-16 VitruviusVR VitruviusVR
Vrideo Apr-16 Vrideo, Inc. Vrideo, Inc.
SelfieTennis Apr-16 VRUnicorns Bandello, Devolver Digital
Candy Smash VR Jul-16 Wadup Games Wadup Games
Disney Movies VR May-16 Walt Disney Studios Disney Interactive
VR Boxing Workout Jul-16 Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o.
The Divergent Series: Allegiant VR Mar-16 Wevr Inc, Big Red Button Entertainment Summit Entertainment LLC
TheBlu Apr-16 WEVR Inc. WEVR Inc.
Wevr Transport Apr-16 Wevr, Inc. Wevr, Inc.
C.S.S. CITADEL VR Jul-16 Winged Minds Winged Minds
Within Jun-16 Within Unlimited, Inc. Within Unlimited, Inc.
Hoops VR Jun-16 Wizard Games Inc Wizard Games Inc
A Chair In A Room: Greenwater Apr-16 Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd
Beat Ninja Jul-16 Xelphyre Games Xelphyre Games
Directionless May-16May-16 Zach Tsiakalis-Brown Zach Tsiakalis-Brown
Rogue Fighter Jul-16 Zane Gittins Zane Gittins
HordeZ Apr-16 ZenVR ZenVR


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